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Kristen & Chris :: The Bond Wedding

What a great way to end the 2009 wedding season- with Kristen, Chris, City Hall, The Bond, and the snow. If you are going to have a December wedding, one of the things you hope for (or fear) is snow. Well, we got some on Kristen & Chris’ wedding day. Not a ton, but enough….

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Sammy & Ray :: Part 2

So, if you thought it couldn’t get any better… I am posting part 2 to prove that it can. I had a ton of fun editing these photos; I love the vintage look and all the plays I was able to do with it! Rockstars: Look at that face!! lol Such a great story in…

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Samantha & Ray :: Part 1

This save-the-date session was so awesome, I have to stretch it out over a couple of blog posts. This is the teaser for the rest of the session. I am really fighting myself mentally not to put for everyone to enjoy. But I will exercise discipline!! Here is “the one”… but not even close…

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Jill & Jeff :: Wedding

I have a hard time just typing Jill. My mind and fingers insist on typing Jilly… so that is what we will go with. So, Jilly and Jeff. Oh how I love them. I loved how they really focused on making us (us= myself & the fabulous “other” crista.. Crista Acosta) feel comfortable and like…

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