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Winter in Connecticut

Ok- I’m officially going to be making a blog comeback. My busy busy fall kept me away, but winter holds much more promise for some good ole-fashion blogging. One of my personal favorites things to do is drive. Drive through the Connecticut backroads to enjoy the sights this little state has to offer. These photos…

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the a-man

I did these photos a while back- but never got around to sharing them! This is the son of my very good friend and fellow photographer, Crista Acosta. Crista and I were having some fun with her little guy when he was all brand-new. Isn’t he delicious?

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Uncle Christa

“Angelo, what’s my name?” “Uncle Christa.” :: insert a-lo laugh :: “No Angelo. It is Aunti Christa.” “Uh huh Uncle Christa, you Uncle Christa.” :: insert a-lo laugh :: I’ll forgive him for trying to be funny. I mean, he is only 2. How can I not when this is how cute he looks as…

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